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Google Call Details Forwarding Integration

Jet Interactive Launches Integration with Google Call Details Forwarding

Jet Interactive has announced the launch of its latest integration with Google’s call details forwarding. With this new integration, businesses can now send call attribution information from Google Ads directly to Jet, without the need for the caller to click on the ad. 

This integration allows businesses to understand the quality of phone call leads, which will improve reach and engagement with customers. By sending call attribution information directly to Jet, advertisers can determine which calls generate conversions and sales. 

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Jet & Google Integration Benefits

The benefits of using Jet’s call tracking solution with Google’s call details forwarding include:

  • Delivering additional value to your business by providing call tracking information for call forwarding calls, including what campaign, ad group and keywords generated a call. 
  • Utilising Jet’s advanced telephony features on google call details forwarding calls, such as IVR, geographic routing, call queueing & other features 
  • Capture calls that were previously not tracked when callers dial before clicking on the ad or through to your website 
  • Calculate true cost per lead and optimize campaigns more effectively without missing information 
  • Track the result of Google call details forwarding calls through Jet’s call wrap-up or CRM integrations 

In addition, the following information can be sent to your Jet reporting portal 

  • Google Click ID (GCLID) for calls lasting longer than 15 seconds  
  • Campaign ID 
  • Ad Group ID
Google Call Details Forwarding Jet

By sending the Google Click ID to Jet, businesses can use the click-based offline conversion imports to accurately attribute phone calls to a conversion rather than needing to match phone call record to conversions. With this accurate reporting of ad performance businesses will be able to make better decisions on their marketing spend and improve how they reach out to and engage with customers. 

Privacy & Security

 User privacy and data security are taken very seriously by Google. For this rollout, Google is limiting the user data it shares with Jet to those who have agreed to Google’s strict data security terms. For example, no names of callers are shared, only their phone numbers as they would be for any other phone call. Furthermore, data is encrypted and only shared with Jet if an advertiser grants them access. You can learn more about how Google protects user data here.

Getting Started

To set this up for your account, we need your Google Ads customer ID, and the phone number you will be using on your Google Ad (you can have multiple, eg: per brand, etc). 

To learn more about Jet’s Google Call Details Forwarding integration and how it can benefit your business, please contact our sales team through the link below.