Five Ways Call Routing Technology is Transforming Customer Service in Australia

Picture this: you are using a service and trying to make critical calls for your queries, but it feels like you’re playing a game of chance. Will the call drop? Will you appear in other departments where you don’t get the required answers? And why does it always take forever to get through to someone?

It’s like being lost in a frustrating experience to have a conversation. Now, just forget it!  You can break free from those old, clunky phone systems and enter a world where the hosted phone system has come to make a change. Say hello to a future where calls are smooth, reliable, and stress-free due to new advanced call routing technology. 

67% of customers hang up when they can’t get proper support on the line! It means missed opportunities, much effort to improve customer service, and lost revenue for your business. And get this: 75% of customers think it takes ages to talk to a live agent. We have good news! Advanced call routing technology of the new call systems has come to upgrade to something better.

The Role of Routing Technology in Various Aspects of Business

Australian call centres and businesses started adopting call routing technology to improve customer service. Given the growing importance of efficient communication systems, it is likely that a significant number of Australian companies have implemented divert calls technology, or they consider its implementation to stay competitive in the market. 

Let’s explore some of the critical business aspects where call routing is of high importance:

Customer Service: Delivering exceptional customer service is vital for business success. Routing swiftly and accurately directs customers to the appropriate department that can address their inquiries or concerns.

Sales and Lead Generation: In sales, every incoming call is an opportunity. Call directing ensures trained salespeople receive routed sales calls who can engage with potential customers, answer their queries, and convert leads into clients.

Technical Support: For businesses that provide technical support, call centre transformation is crucial in connecting customers with skilled support agents who can troubleshoot issues and provide solutions. By categorising and routing calls based on the nature of the problem or the expertise of support staff, you can improve your support quality and process.

Multi-Location Businesses: This feature is valuable for businesses with multiple locations. It automatically routes calls to the appropriate branch or office based on the caller’s location or specific requirements. It ensures customers connect to the nearest or the most suitable location, enhancing accessibility and delivering a consistent experience across all branches or offices.

After-Hours and Remote Operations: Call transferring is essential for businesses operating outside regular office hours or with remote teams. It enables automatic forwarding to on-call staff or remote workers, ensuring prompt addressing of customer inquiries or urgent matters. This round-the-clock availability enhances customer service and supports uninterrupted business operations.

Internal Communication: the benefits of this project are not limited to external calls. You can also apply it in internal communication within an organisation. By implementing internal call forwarding systems, businesses can efficiently direct calls to the appropriate departments or individuals, enabling seamless collaboration, reducing miscommunication, and improving overall internal efficiency.

Top Features Routing Technology Offers

Call directing in business encompasses various features that enhance communication efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here are some key features of routing technology in a business context:

Geographic Routing: this technology provides geographic routing capabilities which enable businesses to route incoming calls based on the caller’s geographic location. It ensures callers are directed to the most appropriate office or branch based on locations, enhancing customer service and optimising call handling.

Time-Based Routing: this feature will help to route calls, or they can be automatically directed to different teams or locations during business hours versus after hours, ensuring efficient call management and responsiveness.

Flexibility to design their routing paths and menus: you can tailor the caller’s journey to meet specific requirements. Customisable call flows help optimise call handling, improve processes, and provide a personalised experience for callers.

IVR systems: this feature allows callers to interact with automated menus, providing self-service options and guiding them to the appropriate department or information. This feature improves call efficiency, reduces call waiting times, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Queuing: routing technology includes queuing capabilities which are helpful when call volumes exceed, and companies can handle them in a prioritised order.  Handling ensures calls are automatically redirected to alternative destinations when the primary lines are busy or unavailable. It guarantees that no call remains unanswered.

Reporting and Analytics: this capability provides detailed insights into call volumes, wait times, call durations, and other critical metrics, which help in boosting call centre performance.

CRM Integration: by providing the capability to integrate with the CRM platform, it gives access to caller information, call history, and customer records. It is helpful to improve customer experience.

Benefits of Jet’s Call Forwarding Systems over Competitors

  • Jet Interactive Systems have a wide range of additional features and functionalities compared to certain competitors. Depending on the specific needs of a business, you will find it offering custom options and capabilities.
  • Jet offers powerful functionality and a user-friendly interface.
  • Compared to other solutions, businesses can be confident that the system integrates with other infrastructure.
  • Jet offers high-level support, so companies can rely on it and get the assistance level they may require during implementation and ongoing system management.
  • Jet Interactive Systems offer high scalability and advanced features designed for smaller and large enterprise-level businesses compared to some competitors.


Let’s explore how call forwarding implementation in phone systems can impact and enhance business performance.

  1. Reduced Call Abandonment
    Effective routing technology plays a critical role in reducing the average speed to answer time, which is a crucial factor in decreasing call abandonment rates and improving the first call resolution rate. Studies show that a 1% increase in the first call resolution rate can result in a 1% decrease in call abandonment. Besides, the technology uses skill-based routing and considers factors such as customer preferences, past interactions, and language choice which helps the customers connect with the needed support team and improve their experience.

  2. Personalisation
    Routing technology can enhance personalisation in customer interactions, bringing promising benefits for businesses and customer experience. Personalised routing minimises the need for transfers and decreases hold times. Personalisation demonstrates that the company values its customers and understands their unique needs. When customers feel heard and understood and receive the expected attention, it helps to enhance their satisfaction levels. Satisfied customers will remain loyal, purchase repeatedly, and recommend the business to others. Studies show that 80% of customers are more likely to buy when brands offer custom experiences.

  3. Enhanced Call Handling
    Effective call handling has a direct correlation with customer loyalty. A survey shows that 51% of customers switched to a competitor due to poor customer service. The reason is that customers who have experienced excellent call handling are more likely to recommend the business to others, leading to organic growth. Forwarding technology helps companies provide smooth, efficient, and customised interactions with a business’s call centre, enhancing their perception of the brand. A positive brand reputation leads to increased trust, credibility, and the potential for long-term customer relationships.

  4. Quality Control
    Routing systems work hand in hand with monitoring and quality assessment tools. These tools allow companies and quality control teams to listen to recordings and assess if they meet quality standards, comply with regulations, and satisfy customers. The information gathered from these evaluations helps identify areas that need improvement, improve strategies and the overall quality of service. It ensures that services match industry standards, regulations, and legal requirements. Following these standards protects businesses from legal risks and penalties and enhances customer trust and confidence.

  5. 24/7 Availability
    Surveys show that 58% of customers expect businesses to be available 24/7. It demonstrates that round-the-clock availability has become a standard customer expectation in today’s competitive business landscape. By providing 24/7 availability, companies can gain a competitive edge by offering better customer service and responsiveness than competitors with limited operating hours. Call forwarding allows businesses to extend their operating hours beyond regular business hours. When the company is closed or outside working hours, the system automatically forwards incoming calls to designated phone numbers, such as after-hours support teams or virtual receptionists.


Consider Jet Interactive your trusted partner in the industry with a proven record of delivering high-quality phone systems and call-forwarding solutions. Our extensive experience and expertise in the Australian market have enabled us to understand your unique business requirements and tailor the services to meet your needs.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures effective routing, accurate data collection, and prompt customer support, which are essential for maintaining a smooth and productive customer interaction process. Choosing Jet Interactive as your service provider will help in gaining a competitive edge in the Australian market.