Phone System Reporting

Jet Interactives Business Phone System has been built from the ground up to provide insightful reporting that enables companies to pinpont where callers drop out of phone calls, monitor staff performance, Understand the busiest periods and departments, View how callers are making their way through your IVR and track the marketing activity that has led to your customers picking up the phone and calling.

Phone System Reporting

Jet's Phone System Reporting Categories

Hosted PBX Reporting

Agent Performance

Jet’s Phone System reporting allows you to monitor agent performance through our service level, handle time and call recording reports.

Jet’s service level reporting shows you how quickly your agents are answering the phone. You can set a target of the percentage of calls that need to be answered within a timeframe to monitor agent performance by. Service level reporting can also uncover weak points in your IVR and queueing structure and how that is affecting your agents performance

Monitor and train staff with in built call recording. Recordings can be listed to through the reporting portal  against agent who handled the call, IVR option, time of day and number that was dialled. Recordings can be downloaded for one on one sessions or to share with staff as a training example

Callflow Reporting

Jet’s callflow  reporting allows gives insights into how callers interact with  your callflows. 

The callflow behaviour report  shows your caller journeys from start to finish. Beginning at the number that they dialled through the time routing, IVR, Queue and agent that answer the calls. This is a fantastic view to visualise which paths callers are taking most often through your phone system.

View a breakdown of calls by which IVR options  are selected. Filter by call status  to  identify the departments that  need more resources. Filter by marketing source to ensure that you aren’t spending advetising dollars on existing customer calls.

Jet’s abandonment  reporting gives you access to your total abandonment rate against the total number of calls to understand how call volume affects abandonment rate. Abandonment rate can  be viewed against call wait duration so you can understand how total wait time affects caller abandonment. This will allow you to set handle time and service level targets for you agents to reduce your abandonment rate.

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Phone System Reports - Filtering

Marketing Reports

Jet’s call tracking reports present the marketing campaigns and advertising that is leading to phone calls.

Converted web sessions displays how many calls are being delivered to your via your website. Converted web sessions can be viewed as a conversion rate to display the percentage of web visitors that pick up the phone to call you. Coupled with IVR reporting, the marketing activty that leads to sales calls can be uncovered

The call source report not only shows the calls from a web session but outlines which marketing source has led to a phone call. Understanding the source of phone calls enables marketing teams to focus marketing spend on campaigns and sources that deliver calls.

View the specific keyword that has led to customers calling. Tracking keywords againts calls is critical to optimising search marketing budgets and delivering a greater ROI on paid marketing campaigns

Call Logs

In addition to the dashboard reports Jet also provides detailed call logs for both inbound and outbound calls. These reports can be exported to be pushed into other systems or shared with collegues.


Jet’s reporting data is also accessible via our webhooks. Our webhooks can be used to get live data at the start and end of each call event.