Business Advantages Of Hosted Cloud PABX Phone Systems

Why Should a Business Have a Virtual Phone Number?

When you’re running a business, it can be a difficult decision to upgrade your business phone systems from an on-premises PBX to a more updated option that meets the requirements of your remote team. In today’s complex working environment, cloud-based calling solutions are rapidly becoming the go-to for companies that want enhanced reliability and flexibility. So, could it be the right choice for your business when you want to replace your on-premises existing phone system?

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What Are Cloud PABX/PBX Phone Systems? 

A cloud PBX system runs via an internet connection with no need for any Private Branch Exchange (or PBX) equipment on your premises. In practical terms, a cloud-based PBX gives you the functionality you need from your office telephone system, including calling, call-forwarding, and voicemail, along with the additional benefits of not having to set up a server that needs ongoing maintenance. As long as your business has a reliable and strong broadband connection, it can use cloud-based PBX systems, and the technology that underlies it accepts all types of IP telephones including conference, smartphones, and desk phones. 

Why Choose A Cloud PBX Phone System?

When you run a PBX system on your premises, the setup is entirely analog, with phone lines required for each handset. Furthermore, a telecoms expert is required on hand to perform upgrades and necessary maintenance. When you switch to a cloud PBX system, on the other hand, there are some significant advantages including: 

  • Powerful features to level-up workflows – the inbuilt VoIP features that hosted PBX systems offer are far more impressive when compared with on-premises systems. They include support for mobile devices, transcription of voicemails to emails, auto attendants, inbuilt video conferencing, queuing of inbound calls, intelligent call forwarding and automatic recording of calls. Not only are there countless VoIP features to choose from with no need for technical setup, but cloud PBX systems are also capable of integrating with other key tools such as the organisation’s CRM. 
  • Great flexibility to adapt to workplace changing conditions – phone systems can be customised to suit different business requirements, adding, and assigning different numbers to the team and equipping remote team members with a phone service thanks to robust VoIP softphone apps. A hosted business phone system will also allow call capacity to be increased as necessary, with comfort messages and holding music added in minutes for better call quality and improved customer satisfaction. 
  • Better uptime and reliability – downtime has negative implications for any business including lost revenue and tarnished brand trust. Cloud PBX systems ensure you remain contactable at all times with uptimes of 99.999%. 
  • No ongoing maintenance – all system updates, adjustments to VoIP codecs and network routing is handled by your hosting provider so there is no need for any ongoing maintenance on your behalf. 
  • Excellent security – a cloud PBX solution is more secure when compared with traditional PBX systems. Many hosted solutions offer server monitoring 24/7 and call encryption, with constant third-party validation for compliance. 
  • Cost-effectiveness – when compared with traditional PBX services, VoIP business phone line systems are far more affordable. You’ll save money on maintenance, staffing, equipment and call costs, helping your business to stay even more profitable. 

Discover The Benefits Of Cloud Based PBX In Australia

Now that you can see that there are so many benefits of switching to a cloud-based PBX in Australia, it’s time to choose a provider. Here at Jet Interactive, we’re dedicated to simplifying the process of making the change, so get in touch with us today to learn more.