Improving Sales Teams Performance With Hosted PBX

Keeping your business competitive is key in today’s crowded marketplace and staying up-to-date couldn’t be more important. If your company is still using outdated and old communication tools, it’s time to switch to a solution that is more affordable and easier to manage and use. 

That’s where switching to a cloud business phone system can prove to be indispensable. 

A virtual phone system is the ultimate solution for businesses that are keen to stay ahead of their rivals. With a hosted PBX in Australia, your organisation can benefit from a host of media-rich and cutting-edge features that will enable new opportunities to be effectively unlocked. 

Boosting Your Business’s Agility 

A top advantage of switching to a cloud-based PBX in Australia is the ability to easily scale communications to suit the needs of a growing business. A virtual business phone line reduces the cost and stress of handling and provisioning the management and activation tasks that relate to your system, thus boosting your business agility. 

New users can be added in just minutes, and entire departments can be up and running far more rapidly than when using traditional PBX solutions. Thanks to a user-friendly, modern interface, a cloud phone system in Australia enables simple changes to be made by administrators from anywhere at any time, saving resources and time for a far more agile approach to operations. 

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Increasing The Performance of Your Sales Team

Boosting your organisation’s sales team’s performance is something that is imperative for companies that are focused on staying ahead of their competitors, and a hosted business phone system represents the ideal way to do this thanks to the many advanced features it can offer when compared with legacy solutions. 

Features like call recording, IVR functions, organisation of call groups, and voicemail transcription can all make it easier for sales teams to get their job done quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss. 

When call queuing is enabled, calls can be accepted in a far more timely manner, thus ensuring that they are distributed most effectively for minimal wait times. This improves the customer experience, giving sales team members the best possible chance to make a sale.

 Another useful feature that can be harnessed in a cloud PBX system is call whispering. This gives sales team members greater context before they answer an incoming call in the shape of a voice recording, text to speech message, or display message so that sales reps can determine at a glance whether the call is about a particular advertising campaign or in response to a specific call to action. 

Switching To a Virtual Business Phone Line

With so many benefits for sales teams and business agility alike, it’s easy to see why switching to a hosted PBX system can be invaluable for any company in Australia today. As the ideal way to future-proof your organisation’s telephone lines, it’s the business phone system that your company needs to stay at the forefront of its industry. 

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