Give Your Business A Professional Feel With A 1300, 13, 1800 Number

Why Should a Business Have a Virtual Phone Number?

Despite growing technologies, phone numbers have always remained one of the most reliable means of getting in contact with each other. Here are some reasons why virtual business phone numbers are beneficial to your business.

Simple To Use and Set Up – It is relatively simple to set up a virtual phone number for your business, and it is even easier to use one. Setup is usually provided with the virtual phone number package.

Less Likely to Miss Calls – Using virtual phone numbers in Australia for your business means that you are much less likely to miss any important calls. Calls are routed to your available devices, meaning you can take calls from your phone or your laptop. 

You Can Customise It – One of the main benefits to having a virtual phone number for your business is the fact that you can customise the virtual number to one that is suitable to your business or looks nice and is simple to remember. 

Jet Hardware

Features Offered by Jet Interactive

Voice over Internet Protocol systems and cloud-based PABx have become an essential part of conducting business here in Australia. Jet Interactive provides businesses with the ability to make and receive inbound and outbound calls, connecting with customers and other businesses has never been easier. A VoIP system is likely to be used almost daily regardless of how big or small a business is. 

Phone Dialing

If you’re searching for a reliable VoIP system for a small business in Australia, then pricing starts from just $25 per month. You can get unlimited mobile and local calls to give you the freedom to call whoever you want whenever you want. 

What’s more, you can use the service via a desktop app on your computer or even integrate it as an app on your smartphone, so even if you are away from the office you can still make those all important calls included in the package. 

All of your voicemail needs are met so you’ll never miss another call, as well as routing and tracking capabilities to keep you in the know. 

What Virtual Phone Numbers in Australia Are Available?

There is no denying that using a virtual phone number for your business will help make your business look and feel more professional. Having a number that reads well and one that is simple to remember can go a long way. Here are some of the virtual phone numbers available in Australia.

1300 – Easy to remember and is catchy.

13 – Short and sweet and is easy to remember.

1800 – Professional looking and lets people know your business is legit.