How Inbound Numbers Can Benefit Your Business in Australia

In 2022, the number of actively trading businesses in Australia has reached 2,569,900. Statistics show that these numbers increase by around 350,000 a year. It makes the competition even more powerful.

Phone numbers for businesses play a critical role as they enable direct and immediate communication between businesses and their customers. It allows inquiring about products and services, making purchases, or seeking assistance, providing a personalised and interactive experience.

Offering a phone number to customers is a critical step to improve trust, service quality and support. It allows for real-time conversations, addressing concerns, and building stronger relationships.

Sometimes companies wonder whether to choose traditional or inbound phone numbers for businesses. Let’s consider some key aspects to help determine the best number management system and understand the difference:

What makes Inbound Numbers Different from Traditional Numbers? An Overview

Virtual numbers and traditional numbers are two different types of phone numbers. When you need phone numbers for businesses, inbound numbers are known to enhance the professional image.

Surveys show that 77% of customers find businesses more professional if it uses an inbound number as they offer various advantages and functionalities over traditional numbers: from analytics to voicemail, interactive voice response systems, forwarding to mobile devices, and many more. Each feature helps businesses improve their communication processes and service as well as track and analyse call data for better decision-making.

In Australia, businesses can use different business phone numbers to enhance their communication and customer service:

1300 inbound: getting a 1300 number will help your customers across Australia reach you. In the case of 1300 inbound, callers are charged at a local rate. Besides, getting a 1300 number will provide you with tracking and analytics features which will help you later for making more informed decisions. Businesses will get routing flexibility to different locations or devices based on their preferences and needs.

1800 numbers: 1800 numbers allow customers to call businesses for free, increasing accessibility and encouraging customer engagement. These numbers enable businesses to contact customers from all over Australia without calling charges. Having an 1800 number is a great solution to boost business awareness.

Business 13 numbers: being shorter and easier to remember, 13 numbers are ideal for companies seeking a distinctive and memorable phone presence. They are unique and add a professional touch to a company to look reliable and professional. Due to their simplicity, 13 numbers can lead to higher call volumes and customer engagement.

Smart numbers: these numbers are customised numbers that can include repeated digits or specific patterns. They are memorable and align with a business’s branding. They impact marketing campaigns, increasing response rates and overall campaign effectiveness.

Inbound Numbers Enhance Business Operations

The use of inbound numbers In Australia, regardless of the specific type, has a proven ability to enhance business operations. Here are some reasons why inbound numbers have a positive impact on business:
  1. Better Customer ReachToday’s businesses have a big challenge to provide hassle-free reach and engagement for customers. Business telephone numbers are essential tools for companies to remove barriers and make it effortless for them to connect. Studies show that businesses that offer virtual numbers experience an increase in customer interactions, with an average of 43% more calls than those with traditional numbers. The advanced features serve as “key” drivers to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing companies to tailor their services and marketing strategies.

  2. Improved User ExperienceResearch shows that businesses using virtual numbers experience a 30% reduction in customer wait times and a 40% increase in customer satisfaction ratings. One of the reasons is that it provides an easier way for people to reach out for support, inquiries, or feedback. Due to the advanced features, companies offer round-the-clock support, ensuring customers can reach them anytime they need help. 24/7 availability increases customer loyalty and trust.

  3. Efficient Call Management79% of Australians prefer to call companies using toll-free numbers, indicating a strong preference for this communication channel. The numbers, such as 1800 and 1300, are widely used in Australia and provide a cost-effective solution for customers to contact businesses without any charges. By integrating these numbers, Australian companies can optimise their call management processes, strengthen customer relationships, and provide a strong presence in a competitive market. It is a crucial step for your business success as companies that prioritise customer experience and invest in advanced call management technologies experience an increase in revenue year-over-year.

  4. Routing FlexibilityInbound numbers empower businesses with intelligent routing capabilities. Calls can be directed ensuring to reach the most appropriate department, team, or individual. This routing flexibility offers various advantages for improved customer support and user experience. Companies that use geo routing experience average call transfer time decreases leading to improved first-call resolution rates.

  5. More Sales OpportunitiesVirtual numbers are more than just a means of communication. They have become powerful tools that can bring substantial sales opportunities for businesses. As it provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, call patterns, and campaign effectiveness, companies manage to improve sales strategies and better plan marketing resources. Their advanced features help understand customer preferences and needs, enable sales teams to provide tailored solutions and increase the chances of closing a sale.

  6. Competitive AdvantageVirtual numbers offer a convenient and affordable way for people to contact businesses. Due to them, companies manage to eliminate barriers for customers, enabling them to reach out easily and at no cost. This convenience can give companies an edge over competitors that rely solely on traditional phone numbers. Besides, companies can use the advantage of creating unique identities, as memorable numbers increase brand recall and make it more likely for leads to choose their products or services when in need. By providing a single point of contact that customers from all over Australia can reach, businesses can effectively target customers across different regions and time zones.

  7. Mobile AccessibilityBusinesses are not safe from unexpected disruptions, such as power outages or office closures. In any of these cases, inbound numbers provide a reliable solution to stay accessible to customers. By forwarding calls to mobile devices, companies can ensure continuity of communication and reduce potential downtime, keeping customer service uninterrupted. Besides, these solutions are helpful for remote employees to handle customer calls from their mobile devices. They can stay productive and responsive regardless of physical location.

  8. Integration with Different Communication ChannelsBy integrating inbound numbers with various communication channels, companies can offer a choice of communication methods. This flexibility helps customers engage with businesses using their preferred channels and get a more personalised experience. Research shows that companies that respond to inquiries within an hour are seven times more likely to qualify the lead than those who respond after an hour. Companies provide fast responses by integrating numbers with communication channels like live chat or instant messaging. It brings efficient lead qualification and improved customer satisfaction.

  9. Cost Management and Measurable ROIUsing virtual numbers will help you cut costs and improve ROI. How? The key is behind the opportunities to manage communication expenses more effectively. By using a single number for marketing campaigns, customer support, or sales inquiries, businesses can manage their telecommunications costs and avoid the need for multiple phone lines or separate numbers. Showing the same number as the caller ID, companies get new chances to improve call answer rates and boost customer recognition.


Jet Interactive’s inbound numbers offer unique features and benefits that set them apart from other service providers in the industry. The advanced reporting capabilities, recording and monitoring solutions, intelligent number choices, integration capabilities, and reliable customer support make Jet’s inbound numbers a unique and valuable solution for businesses of all sizes to enhance the business’s communication systems and gain a competitive advantage.