How Australian Businesses Can Use a Cloud PBX to Boost Marketing Performance

A cloud-based hosted phone system offers powerful insights into all your business calls. See which marketing drives inbound calls and identify new opportunities.

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There are a lot of compelling reasons why both large and small businesses in Australia should be migrating to a cloud based phone system, but perhaps one of the most noteworthy one of them all is that a virtual PBX can provide insightful marketing data. Because a cloud telephone system centralizes all calls through one unified hub, it makes it easy to identify marketing trends and opportunities by looking at your call data. When this data is integrated with your current marketing platform, the opportunities become endless.

Here are a few ways you can use a cloud telephone system to boost your marketing performance.

Understand Your Callers Better With Insightful Reporting

With enhanced reporting, a virtual PBX can identify which marketing your customers are interacting with. You can see things like which keyword they typed in, what search engine they used, which ad type or landing page they interacted with, their geography, and more. This gives you insight into what problems your callers are looking to solve, and how they found you as a potential solution.

Cloud PBX systems can also have more enhanced features like live reporting which allows you to see all of the above insights in real-time as you answer the call. This means you can have powerful insight into your caller before you even pick up the phone. Then, you’re better positioned to help them and ensure that their customer journey starts off strong and memorable.

Use Call Data to Determine What’s Working

A  Virtual PBX can help you and your team determine which ads work better than others by tracking incoming calls and their source. Ultimately, this can help you to narrow your focus and your efforts and spend your marketing dollars where they count.

Most cloud hosted systems offer features like off-page call tracking, where you can use trackable numbers within digital ads anywhere across the internet. Just place a trackable virtual number in an ad and track how many calls it generates, and then you can easily identify which ads are bringing in the most qualified leads. Using this kind of data can help your business get focused on what marketing works so you can bring costs down and win more customers.

Assess Your Marketing Messaging

One way a virtual PBX can help you sharpen your marketing messaging is through call recording. A virtual PBX has the capability to record all inbound and outbound calls so that you can take the time to listen to them later. This can help your teams determine if callers are understanding your offer properly and if your advertising is conveying the right message clearly. With a better understanding of how your customers understand your marketing message, you can sharpen and improve future ads by clarifying your offer to become more compelling.

Target Customers with Relevant Marketing Material

Once you’ve determined which ads are working for certain types of callers–perhaps in a certain region, those who responded to a certain medium, or another one of the many qualifiers you can glean from the system’s reporting–you can work to integrate those callers into your marketing plan. PBX reporting can help you understand where they are in their customer journey and what campaigns you can use to move them toward a sale.

See How Your Website is Performing

A cloud system will have an on-page tracking feature, which you can use on your website to track your website visitors that call your business. Each visitor can get a dynamically generated virtual phone number or you can track visitors by marketing source. Understanding your website visitors in this way can help you identify the effectiveness of your website. Are website sessions resulting in a phone call, or are they dropping off somewhere along the way? A hosted system can help you identify areas for improvement, and then you can determine how to adjust your website accordingly and test things like design, copy, UX, usability, processing speed, etc.

A More Valuable Phone System

A cloud hosted system gives you data that a landline-based traditional phone system isn’t able to provide. Because all calls are run through one, central hub, you not only have more unified communication, but you also have a great overview of how your marketing is performing across all your different channels. With Jet Interactive, you can even integrate your Jet Analytics with your Google Analytics to optimize marketing reporting and improve your understanding of how your customers respond to your marketing initiatives. If you’re looking for a business voip that will help you reach your goals, a cloud phone system is the way to go.

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