Is A Virtual PBX Right For Your Business?

Many Australian businesses are making the switch to a virtual PBX. Should you consider doing the same?

A virtual PBX–also known as a hosted PBX, cloud PBX, or a cloud phone system–offers many advantages that Australian businesses are looking for today. With the rise in hybrid and remote working environments and almost all business systems operating digitally, moving to a virtual PBX as opposed to keeping a traditional landline system is likely to make sense for your business. So, let’s take a closer look.

Dialing telephone keypad

Traditional Landline Phone System Vs. Virtual PBX

A traditional business phone system is operated through the use of landlines and requires physical connectivity and handsets–like a typical desk phone–for taking and making calls. A virtual phone system, on the other hand, operates on the internet. This means that all calls are made through the internet and no hardware or physical connectivity is required. Both traditional phone systems and hosted pbx will have basic features like IVR, call forwarding, and call queues, but a cloud PBX can offer additional enhanced features like multi-device pick-up, call recording, voicemail transcribing, and reporting. With so many advanced features, why wouldn’t a business choose a virtual, hosted PBX?

When a Traditional Phone System Might Make Sense

Though many businesses are finding that a hosted phone system offers their business more flexibility and more robust features, there are some instances where it may make sense to keep a traditional landline phone system. First of all, a virtual PBX system requires a reliable internet connection. If you business operates somewhere remote with poor internet connectivity, it may not be the best fit. Or, if your business operates out of a small office with few employees who only work in-office and don’t need to travel or work remotely, a traditional PBX system might be good enough for your business needs. However, if you are looking for a more flexible, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution with more capabilities, a virtual BPX is likely a much better fit.

Virtual PBX Advantages


Arguably the most attractive aspect of a cloud PBX is the flexibility. It supports remote and hybrid work environments much better than a traditional PBX because staff can take and make calls from anywhere they have internet. It’s also great for those who travel for businesses or work mostly in the field. Instead of relying on staff mobiles for business communication, your staff can stay in touch through the associated mobile app.

Enhanced Features

Another advantage of a virtual PBX is the ability for enhanced features that can positively benefit your business. Call reporting and tracking, geographical routing, cloud phones, and simple call flow management are all features of a cloud phone system that can enhance your business’s performance and increase functionality across your teams.

Easy Upkeep & Maintenance

Virtual phone systems are very quick to set up and easy to update because everything can be done digitally with the click of a button. There is little to no need for any maintenance or service repairs and no clunky hardware that’s subject to damage or normal wear. With a virtual BPX, you can add new users and scale without having to add any more physical lines.

A Virtual PBX Can Help You Reach Your Goals

With all its enhanced features, a virtual phone system might just be what you need to improve your business. It can easily support business goals and help you reach them more efficiently. For example, with call reporting and tracking, you can get better insight into your callers and their behaviour. Virtual systems often integrate with marketing software making it easy to see what ads and campaigns are driving caller behaviour. 

You can also improve your customer service with a virtual PBX by ensuring your staff is always able to take their calls and manage them easily. The flexibility of a virtual system means that your team misses fewer calls and can respond to voicemails more quickly and efficiently. Lastly, a virtual PBX unifies all your business communication. You can see each phone call made and received in one central hub, and you can easily manage your call flow and create a more unified communication system to enhance the efficiency of your teams.

Overall, a virtual PBX offers more robust features and has capabilities that a traditional phone system simply doesn’t offer. For any large or small business that wants to grow and take their business operations to the next level, a virtual PBX is a great solution. 

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