When does your business need an IVR

IVR Menu Structure

IVR or Auto Attendants as they are also known, help your business handle calls more efficiently by diverting callers directly to the relevant department or staff member. Unlike a traditional landline phone system, a cloud pbx offers an easy-to-use and flexible IVR system that you can customize to fit the needs of your business and update with the press of a button. This is valuable for any business, but especially for those in seasons of growth, looking to improve their customer service or caller insight, and those who want to create a better brand image for their business. 

If you find that your business is in any of these stages, it’s a great time to consider implementing an IVR.

IVR System structure

If you’re in a season of growth

If your business is experiencing any type of growth–establishing new departments, hiring new staff, expanding staff roles–it’s a great time to consider getting an IVR. An IVR can remove the need for a receptionist or other personnel to be answering and fielding phone calls. It automatically routes every phone call based on caller input allowing your team more time to accomplish other tasks that will support the season of growth you are in. It’s one of the most compelling features of a cloud pbx because it sets the rest of your business phone system up for success. 


If you’re ready to improve customer service

An IVR can greatly improve your customer service experience for your callers because it ensures that every call gets attended to. No more inbound calls going straight to voicemail when the line is busy. Additionally, when paired with a cloud hosted pbx feature like Geographical Routing, it can significantly reduce the amount of transfers a caller has to go through to get to the right staff member. When incoming calls are easily directed and made simpler by giving the caller options to choose from, there’s a greater opportunity for your staff to assist them as efficiently as possible knowing that they are reaching the right person the first time. 

Call Reporting Sytem

If you’re looking for more caller insight

Maybe you find yourself needing to understand more about your callers and how they impact your business operations. One of the most crucial elements of an IVR system is that is can provide you with valuable caller insights. A cloud pbx has the ability to track where inbound calls are coming from, analyze caller intent, and see call flow behavior through the IVR feature. With an integrated virtual pbx system, you can easily track how your IVR is performing and see how it’s affecting the rest of the caller’s experience.


You can track things like which options clients are most commonly choosing on your IVR to inform your resourcing and and optimising of your options. You can also see things like callflow behavior which shows how calls move through your organization. These insights are crucial to understanding how to better staff certain departments and how efficiently your cloud phone system is performing.

If you would like to learn more about how a cloud-based phone system IVR can support your large or small business, contact us today.