Jet Cloud Mobile over Star Link


Now that Star Link is available Australia-wide and in over 40 countries, many Australians are beginning to use the network to access high-speed internet, even in more rural or remote areas. No matter where you are in Australia, you can operate your Jet Cloud Mobile over a Star Link connection and enjoy all the benefits of a cloud business phone system. Jet Cloud Mobile is the most dynamic, flexible Australian business mobile phone for any large or small business.

What is Jet Cloud Mobile?

Jet Virtual Mobile is an app-driven cloud business phone that lets you easily add a virtual number to your mobile phone via the mobile app. It integrates seamlessly with your Jet Business Phone System and allows you to use all the call center features you need from anywhere providing a more dynamic business phone option for you and your staff. Jet Cloud Mobile works on any internet, no matter how you are connected. Virtual Mobile works over traditional mobile networks and seamlessly over wifi and Star Link. It makes your cloud business phone and business communications between staff and departments extremely accessible and flexible.

Calls from everywhere

Benefits of Jet Cloud Mobile

Always be in touch no matter where you are

Because it works over any internet connection and traditional mobile networks, Jet Cloud mobile keeps you in touch with your business anywhere you go. Whether you have remote teams or traveling staff members, your business communication is always centralized and always accessible through the mobile app as long as you’re connected to wifi or mobile data via a traditional telephone network. Answer incoming calls from customers, make business calls, and send text messages all through the mobile app wherever you have an internet connection. Plus, you get unlimited calls and texts between all of your Jet Mobile numbers.


Access all the call center features you need on the go

o   Call queues: Add any  Virtual Mobile number to your call lines queues to ensure your staff is set up to take calls in an organized way from anywhere. 

o   Ring Groups: Set up convenient ring groups that ensure customer calls don’t fall through the cracks and customize your ring strategy to best fit your needs.

o   Call Tracking: Identity what is driving inbound calls so that you can better understand customer behavior and needs. Filter calls by keyword, ad type, IVR selection, geography, and more.

o   Reporting: Get powerful insights on all business calls made with the Jet Mobile app through the reporting feature. Identify where callers drop out of phone calls, monitor staff performance, understand the busiest periods and departments, and more all across your business phone network.

Perfect for rural or remote locations

Star Link is accessible in many rural and remote locations making Jet Mobile available as well. No matter where your office or staff members work, keep them connected to your customers and the rest of your business with Jet’s dynamic phone system, even where you wouldn’t normally get network coverage. You can even connect your  Cloud Mobile to Star Link while crossing bodies of water. That’s right. One of Jet’s customer, Anthony Palmer, a lawyer from Aspen Legal was able to be in contact with his team and continue his business communication even while sailing his boat across Bass Strait from Melbourne to Tasmania by using Star Link.

Few phone systems allow for teams to be connected even in rural areas like this, making Jet one of the best options for businesses that are growing and expanding across geographical areas or conducting work remotely. Jet ensures that you are always connected and always able to meet business needs no matter where you are without being limited by data allowance. As the workforce continues to operate remotely, using Jet Mobile to give your staff an additional virtual number for business allows you to truly work from anywhere. You’re not stuck at a desk phone, and you’re not limited by access to mobile data, and plans start at just $38 per user per month. 

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