You Can Run Your Entire Jet Business Phone System Over Star Link

The Jet Business phone system offers a more dynamic and flexible way to run any large or small business. Get everything you need from a traditional pbx and much, much more. Our cloud-based system gives you access to all of your phone system features from anywhere in the world you have internet access – including if you’re connected via Star Link.  

Even in remote areas of Australia, you can access and manage your Jet Phone System. Star Link is now Australia-wide and is perfect for connecting to the internet in more remote locations. Whether it’s a beach house or a long RV road trip across the country, you can manage your pbx system and keep in touch with your teams by connecting to Star Link.


Features You Can Use Anywhere

Jet’s Phone System is your virtual pbx offering all the call centre features you could need, and you can manage them from wherever you are. You can easily stay connected and optimize business communication all via the Jet Hub while connected to Star Link.

Call Queues

The Jet Hub allows you to set up call queues for all incoming calls with the click of a mouse and make real-time updates whenever you need to add or remove a staff member from a call waiting line. You can implement your choice of hold music, period announcements, and more on the go. Jet’s customer-centric PABX features also provide convenient call waiting line options like the ability for callers to receive a callback phone call or leave a voicemail instead of waiting on hold. Ensure each incoming call is attended to and provide a smooth caller experience for your customers by optimizing your queues.


You can record calls across your entire cloud business network with Jet. Recordings can be used to enhance marketing, sales, and training efforts. The Jet Phone System lets you record all outbound and inbound calls made on your staff’s mobile phone no matter where they’re calling from, and you can access all the recordings easily through the Jet Hub

Make the most of this feature by listening back to sales calls or customer service calls to identify key product selling points or customer concerns. This gives you and your teams the opportunity to fine-tune your marketing strategies and sales techniques based on real-life conversations. Recorded calls are also excellent training tools for new employees who are learning the ropes of customer service or sales.

Ring Groups

You can set up convenient ring groups that ensure customer calls don’t fall through the cracks and customize your ring strategy to best fit your needs. With Jet’s phone system, you can choose from round-robin, preset, and simultaneous ringing depending on how your ring groups are set up. Staff members can be added to ring groups no matter where they’re working from with our dynamic and user-friendly PABX phone system.


With our intelligently integrated cloud hosted PABX, you can get powerful insights on all business calls made with the Jet Cloud Mobile app through the reporting feature. Identify where callers drop out of phone calls, monitor staff performance, understand the busiest periods and departments, and more all across your business phone network. With unified communications running through one central hub, it’s easy to keep track of your pbx phone system performance.

Call Tracking

Jets’ call tracking feature lets you identify what is driving each call. See which keyword your caller typed in, the ad they clicked on, the IVR number they selected, their geography, the source of the call, and more before even answering the call. When your staff members know what drives each call, they are better prepared to provide top-notch customer care. Jet’s tracking feature can also help your team identify which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. Know which ads drive the most calls, and make more informed marketing decisions.

Soft Phone

The Jet Soft Phone is more than just a convenient way of answering business calls. It is a mobile app that works with either your Jet Business Phone subscription on any mobile device, tablet, or computer and provides your staff members with virtual numbers. On top of providing a flexible way to make and take business calls, the Jet Soft Phone is integrated with your entire cloud hosted PABX to provide an entire call centre in your pocket. 

If you would like to learn more about how our cloud pabx phone system can optimize your business communications no matter where you do business, reach out to us today!