Give Staff a Business Mobile Number Without the Second Phone

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Many Australian organizations have resorted to giving their staff members a second phone to distinguish business phone activity from personal phone activity, to ensure security, and to track business expenses more closely. The problem is, this is often not ideal for staff and can get quite costly for businesses.

Instead of purchasing a phone for every new employee, an integrated cloud-hosted pbx telephone network allows your staff to access their business phone network through an app on their mobile. This solution provides benefits for both employees and businesses that a traditional pbx doesn’t offer. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits below and how they can help meet your business needs.

Benefits of an App-driven Mobile Number

 Benefits For Your Staff

1. Make business calls from anywhere with ease

With a cloud phone number like Jet’s Cloud Mobile, your staff can answer inbound calls and make outbound calls anywhere in the world they have internet access. This makes it easy for traveling staff members or remote workers to stay connected using their own phones. They always have access to the organization’s hosted phone system and don’t have to worry about traveling with multiple devices.

2. Avoid giving out personal mobile numbers

Using an app-based mobile business phone means staff also don’t have to worry about giving out their personal phone numbers to customers or clients while still guaranteeing they’ll be available to take any necessary phone call. This allows for more separation between their personal and work life but also ensures they don’t miss any important customer calls.

3. Answer calls on multiple devices

With an app-based phone, your team can access their business phone on multiple devices like their desktop phone, computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile. They can even send and receive text messages through the app for faster, more unified communication. This means that they can field incoming calls and conduct any business communication on whichever device is most convenient for them.

Benefits for Your Business

1. Avoid second-phone expenses

A hosted cloud business phone allows you to add a second mobile number to any smartphone with an app so that you can avoid the expenses of buying a second phone for business purposes. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to add Australian mobile numbers to your business.

2. Centralize all communication

With a cloud pbx system, each phone call goes through one central hub. When staff members use their cloud numbers to conduct business through their mobile app, it also allows for more centralized communication across the entire company. All calls and text messages can easily be tracked to ensure quality control and to help you keep an eye on business call expenses.

3. Call recording capabilities

A pbx app-driven mobile phone also allows for call recording which can support your teams with marketing, sales training, and compliance. With the ability to access call recordings in one, centralized place, you can use previous recordings to establish best practices for new trainees, uncover what marketing messaging is working, and identify any compliance issues.

4. Integrates with all your call center features

When your staff’s cloud numbers are based in a cloud phone system app, their numbers integrate with all the call center features needed to provide a great customer experience like IVR, geographical routing and recording. This helps streamline the caller experience and ensures that all business calls are professionally handled.

5. Captures call data for better reporting

When all your staff members are using an integrated business phone number, you are set up to get better, more accurate reporting. This is because when all business calls are made through their app-driven number, it allows you to capture call data more thoroughly and monitor things like agent performance, handle time, and call duration. Having access to these reports can help support your business by uncovering the insights needed to improve customer service and enhance the customer experience.

 If you would like more information on how Jet’s Cloud Hosted Business Phone System can support your large or small business phone needs, reach out to us today!