eSim vs Cloud Sim

Inbound numbers

SIM card technology has been advancing quickly over the last few decades, and Jet Interactive has optimized Cloud SIM technology to offer a more flexible, dynamic business phone system to clients across Australia with a cloud hosted pbx.

eSIM vs Conventional SIM

An Embedded SIM (eSIM) is a digital version of the physical SIM card that’s built into newer smartphones meaning you don’t need a physical, removable SIM card to use your device. eSIM technology offers many advantages over traditional removable cards, such as remote programming, virtual activation, and eliminating the need to manually swap out your device’s SIM. 

This means that if you want to get a new device or switch carriers, you wouldn’t need to purchase a new SIM card. It essentially works the same as a traditional physical SIM, except everything is done digitally.

What is a Cloud SIM

Modern communications are taking a giant leap forward with the advent of Cloud SIM technology. This app-driven system allows users to add an extra number onto their mobile phone without needing another physical SIM card by leveraging mobile data and Wi-Fi connections. This is a perfect solution for businesses that need their staff to stay connected on the go. Jet Interactive is a pioneer in Cloud SIM technology and has been offering this technology to companies since 2009.

What are the similarities between an eSIM and Cloud SIM?

eSIM and Cloud SIM offer convenient solutions for individuals or businesses looking to add a second mobile number to their device. With an eSim, you can activate the additional line digitally while with a Cloud SIM it’s as simple as downloading a mobile app and receiving a virtual phone number. Both are equipped with traditional call and text capabilities along with specific utility when it comes to business operations. Both types of SIMs can also be set up with their own billing account which is often why businesses prefer to provide them for their staff over an additional device making it easy to keep track of business phone activity and expenses. 

The main difference between an eSIM and a Cloud SIM is that there is no included data with a Cloud SIM. Cloud SIM technology works like all other apps on your device—off of either wifi or the regular mobile data from the main SIM.

What advantages does a Cloud SIM like Jet Cloud Mobile have?

A Cloud SIM offers many unique features that can enhance the performance of your business phone system. When integrated with a cloud phone system like Jet’s, a Cloud SIM solution provides dynamic and flexible features all through the mobile app that other solutions won’t provide.

  1. Answer on any device: With a Cloud SIM, inbound calls can be answered on any mobile device that has the app like a tablet, computer, a desk top, and even a business handset. This means that staff members can answer incoming calls wherever is most convenient for them, not just on a desk phone.
  2. Works anywhere: A Cloud SIM works wherever you have internet connection making it easy for staff members to travel, work remotely, or cross borders without losing access to their virtual hosted phone system or missing an important phone call. This feature allows your staff to be available for your callers from anywhere.
  3. No roaming charges: The great thing about working only off of internet connection is that there’s no need for roaming. Wherever you are in the world, a Cloud SIM never accumulates roaming charges.
  4. Call recording: Cloud SIMs integrate smoothly with your cloud pbx to provide you with the ability to record all inbound calls and outbound calls across your organization. Jet Interactive Recording feature ensures that all recordings are virtually logged in the Jet Hub for easy access and organization. This feature can help ensure quality control, identify which sales tactics are working, and they can be great tools for training new staff members.
  5. Business Phone network integration: One of the most crucial aspects of a Cloud SIM is that it easily integrates with your business mobile system for more unified communication across your entire company. Jet Interactive allows you to build your call flows with all Cloud SIM numbers associated with your business with the click of a button so that all business communication runs smoothly.
  6. IVR and Call Queues: A Cloud SIM makes it possible to integrate your staff’s mobiles with your IVR and add them to Call waiting lines no matter where they are located. Because it works on internet connection like the rest of your pbx system, you can easily make adjustments virtually without letting any customer calls fall through the cracks.

If you would like to learn more about how Jet Interactive’s system can help your business phone network, reach out to us today. Whether you have a large or small business, Jet can support your teams with our intelligent cloud based phone system solutions as Australia’s cloud provider.