Supporting Your Remote and Hybrid Teams with a Cloud Hosted PBX

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Over the past few years, many businesses have adapted to more flexible work environments due to the pandemic. In 2020, 64% of Australian employees were working from home, and 90% indicated they would like to continue to do so. If you’ve experienced remote work like these many Australians, you know that it can be difficult to shift certain aspects of your business to accommodate a spread-out team, but the truth is, remote work is here to stay, at least in some capacity. So, as you take a look at your current systems and processes, it’s important to start planning how to adapt them to support virtual teams beyond just setting up video conferencing.

When it comes to your phone system, there’s a perfect solution for remote and hybrid teams who aren’t always in the office or near their desk: a cloud-based  business phone system. It, offers a reliable, centralized phone system and has advantages over a traditional phone system that make it a better fit for both remote and hybrid teams alike.

Why are cloud PBX systems ideal for remote and hybrid teams? Here are just a few reasons.

Flexible and Mobile

A cloud PBX works anywhere you have internet connection, making it perfect for out-of-office working. Whether your employees are fully remote or work a hybrid schedule, they can make and take business calls through your business telephone system without a clunky desk phone. A cloud telephone system PBX like Jet, also allows your staff to answer a phone call on any device, including their own mobile phone, using an app. So, whether your staff works from home, a coworking space, an office, or a coffee shop, they are always able to connect to your organization’s business phone network.

Adaptive to Your Team’s Needs

With a cloud PBX system, you can easily adjust for growing or shifting teams with simple  number management system. Adding or removing numbers from your cloud phone system can be done with the click of a button. This means, if a remote staff member leaves, you can easily remove them from your system, and there’s no need to recover hardware from departing employees. 

Setting up a new-hire with their phone is just as easy, taking a cumbersome step out of your onboarding process. As soon as someone is hired, simply assign them a phone number and add them to the system, and they can start making and taking calls right away.

Keeps Work and Personal Separate

In a remote work world, it can be hard for people to keep work and life separate. If they’re working from home, the line between business and personal is sometimes hard to determine. But, with features like softphone system, your staff doesn’t have to worry about giving out their personal phone numbers, or getting a second phone just for work purposes.

For example, Jet’s cloud mobile feature allows staff to use their personal device, but not their personal numbers. They can easily make and take calls through the Jet mobile app and even exchange text messages with customers or clients through a business virtual phone number–all while keeping their personal number private.

Centralized Call Management

Using a cloud system, all calls run through one central hub for easy, centralized customer call management. This means that no matter where your remote staff members are located, they can all share the same call cues and ring groups. These centralized communication features ensure that no customer callers fall through the cracks. 

Features like Jet’s geographic call routing can help ensure that your customers speak to the right staff member without being bounced around between different departments. With seamless call transfers and an organized call flow builder, your callers never have to know your teams are working remotely.

Intelligent Reporting

When your staff is spread out geographically, it’s key to have insight into their performance from wherever you are. Because all inbound calls and outbound calls are centralized no matter where your teams are located, a hosted PBX system makes phone system reporting simple. You can monitor calls across your entire system with things like call abandonment rate and handling time info. You can see if calls are running long or short, and even listen back to call recordings to understand any gaps in staff performance. 

To keep your teams connected wherever they are, a virtual PBX is the perfect solution. Find out more about how we can support your large or small business communications through our cloud based phones system by contacting us today!